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Digital Courses

Learn from the comfort of your home with a warm latte and your trusty desktop.

The workshops described below provide the recipient with ways to reduce stress and feel more ease in all areas of life.






"Reiki is compassion. Where there is no compassion, ‘energy’ may flow, but it is not Reiki."

- James Deacon.

Reiki Level 1 Online


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Reiki Level 1 Training
for empaths and self-care workers

Students Gain: Reiki Level 1 Certification 

Start Date: January 11th - 6 week Training

Price: $444 (OR 3 PAYMENTS OF $155)

From the comfort of your home, gain your Reiki Level 1 certification.

Class Agenda: Students are given 6 pre-recorded modules to complete followed by 6 live classes with Skylar for integration and Q&A.

This training is for anyone that would like to learn about this modality of energy healing to better support the overall wellbeing of self or others.

The Attunement:

In order to receive your certification, you must be attuned to the Reiki energy to effectively utilize it and experience its impact. We will be doing a group Level 1 attunement on Wed. Jan 28th at 11am.


* If you miss this attunement, you can book a private attunement in for an additional $55.00.

01. Opening to love

A Masterclass to balance the heart chakra, to make space for all the beauty life has to offer. 

Feeling emotionally heavy? Having a hard time processing the lows and enjoying the highs that life has to offer? In this 60 minute workshop you will be guided through practices to make space in the body to support you in processing life at this time.

1hr digital recording

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Opening to love

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Ignite your 

02. Ignite Your intuition

This is a masterclass for those looking to strengthen, connect with and trust their intuitive abilities.

Break down the energetics and science involved in receiving intuition and helps you to understand and break free from the resistance that may be sabotaging your ability to truly lean into your intuitive gifts.

2hr digital recording

03. Energy Body Bundle
to prevent burnout

This digital bundle is a series of practices to support you in shifting to calm from overwhelm.

Use these self-care, stress-free practices to calm the nervous system and release the pressure that builds from stress.

1.5hr digital recording

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at

Energy Body Bundle

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7 Day Reset
Holistic Wellness

04. RESET: Holistic Wellness 

This is a masterclass for those looking to strengthen, connect with and trust their intuitive abilities.

Feeling like you are out of your self-care routine AND feeling overwhelmed by the idea of where to start in restoring balance in the body?


In this 7 day program I will guide you back to restorative balance with a holistic approach.

This program includes everything you need to get back to yourself: meal plans, guided mediations, yoga, journal prompts and support. 

7 day digital program


The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Skylar van Rossem. Please note that Skylar van Rossem is not a dietitian, physician, pharmacist or other licensed healthcare professional. The information on this website is NOT intended as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the care of a qualified health care professional. This content is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases. Always consult with your primary care physician or licensed healthcare provider for all diagnosis and treatment of any diseases or conditions, for medications or medical advice as well as before changing your health care regimen.

Image by Chandra Oh
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