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Work One on One with 
Skylar Shay

Unlock your full potential with Skylar's dynamic mindset support, energetic transmissions and intuitive guidance.

Choose from the following:

THE UP-LEVELLER (1 session)





The UP-LEVELLER (single session)

90 mins

Join Skylar for a transformative 90-minute online session. During this session, you will experience the power of aligning your mind, body, and spirit, to gain clarity, motivation and momentum to embody your highest potential. Skylar will help you overcome limitations to embrace your greatest desires. With her guidance, you will learn to enjoy life to the fullest and unleash your true potential.

In Skylar's sessions you are met exactly where you are at. Energy healing, mindset support, past life regression therapy, intuitive channeling and nervous system regulation are utilized to support you in achieving your greatest desires with more EASE,

from the comfort of your home


...with a warm latte and your trusty device.

Unlock your potential with a 90-minute Upleveler session with Skylar. Through a unique blend of Reiki, hypnotherapy, and holistic nutrition, Skylar guides you to discover your purpose, release limiting beliefs, and clear energy blockages, and become your most authentic self. Break free from constraints, gain clarity, and embody your highest potential. This session is a powerful catalyst for transformation, offering freedom, harmony, and lasting change. Book your session today to invest in yourself and create the life you desire.


(1 month OR 4 month containers)

Longer term coaching with Skylar offers a unique opportunity for those desiring high-level guidance to empower you from the inside out, to achieve your greatest potential. While the single session provides a powerful catalyst for change, working together with greater consistency takes it a step further by offering consistent and ongoing support to allow for exponential growth and lasting change.

Through consistent high-level coaching and energy healing with Skylar, you will experience the benefits of receiving ongoing mindset work, intuitive guidance and energy optimization. This level of support is invaluable for cultivating a positive and empowering mindset, navigating challenges, and embracing opportunities.

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It's like having a personal energetic assistant as you navigate rising to the top.

benefits of a Coaching Container

  • Greater self-awareness and self-discovery.

  • Enhanced clarity and focus.

  • Increased motivation and drive.

  • Improved emotional well-being.

  • Strategic spaciousness.

  • Deeper connection with your intuition.

  • Heightened sense of purpose and fulfillment.

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