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Nutrition Programs

Meeting you wherever you are at on your wellness journey

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Nutrition Reset

This program is for those looking for nutritional advice (foods, eating practices, recipe collections & supplement suggestions) to address current symptoms, imbalances and nutritional deficiencies to help you towards your personal health goals and in turn help you to feel more balanced and alive in your own body.​

*pricing varies depending on your personal health goals. Please book a discovery call with Skylar to see if this program is the best fit for you.

The Upleveler

A program for those looking to up-level their wellbeing & energy system, with one specific goal in mind (clear parasites, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, target immunity, etc.). This program is for you, if you are fairly disciplined and in touch with your body's needs, but looking for greater clarity and support to balance body, mind and spirit with nutrition, energy work and mindset work. This is a 6 week program, with 3 bi-weekly sessions to help you up-level your health.


  • Nutrition Reset Program

  • 3 Bi-weekly Sessions with Skylar (for energy healing, mindset work and nutritional coaching)

  • addressing a specific area of physical/emotional imbalance

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The Change Maker

For those looking for a more comprehensive program and high-level support for long lasting change. This 12-week program includes weekly sessions for clearing habits and beliefs, and refining your life to completely transform your physical and mental well-being. A perfect program for anyone hoping to address weight, auto-immune disease, hormonal imbalances, or anxiety with nutrition, mindset and energy healing. The weekly sessions included in this 12 week session creates accountability and helps ease you into the nutritional information that is going to create life changing impacts. For anyone who is looking for long-lasting change to their wellbeing, this is the program that will get to the root of the imbalances in your body and help you to clear them for good.

  • Nutrition Reset Program

  • 12 Week High Level Coaching, body work, energy work and mindset work to truly transform the way you interact with your body and health.

  • long lasting results

  • high-level support and personal accountability

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