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A high-level community for projectors by projectors.  Here we will collaborate, receive support and understand how to use our energetic qualities for our advantage, ascension and success.

hosted by Skylar Shay and Mickayla Pyke 

Raise your hand if you are a struggling Projector living in a Generator world?

Making up 80% of the population, the hustling generator sets the pace for the rest of us. This isn't a dig on them (we LOVE Generators!) it just makes it a bit challenging to know how to operate in alignment with who we really are when we've been condition to hustle hustle hustle! If we follow their lead, we can easily end up feeling burn-out, overwhelmed by our goals., and un-successful.

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 A weekly container for projectors by projectors. 

The intention of this elevated group container is to harness your innate abilities to guide and direct energy, and be seen when you offer valuable insight and wisdom to others. 

Once a week we will meet with other Successful Projectors to uncover specific qualities of a Projector that are not available to the rest of the world.


Every month we will have a Human Design expert and/or Successful Projector sharing strategy and insight to support you in owning your unique gifts.  

Skylar and Micki will be offering monthly mindset and energy support to rewire pathways in the brain, create regulation in your body and offer coaching to help you in finding success, offering your unique gifts to this world <3


This is a transformative community, supporting you in magnetize divine invitations and be seen and valued for your expertise and abilities. 

 Each month we will rotate through the following cycle. 
new participants can join anytime during the cycle

 Week 1 

Guest Speaker: Theme of the Month

Week 2 

Energy Balancing and

Mindset support w/ Skylar to

embrace your gifts & Success

 Week 3 

Q&A / Strategy Setting

 Week 4 

Channeled Meditation from Micki


Your Projector Success Stories

The Successful Projector will teach you how to live an empowered LIFE.

One where you ditch victimhood and instead receive bountiful invitations to collaborate. Where you feel seen for your gifts, work with your energetic blueprint (not against it) and exist in a world of inspiration, ease, grace, and luxury.



First month is free!

$77 / mo

Monthly Investment: $77 CAN

(FEES go up to $111/month Oct. 1ST. 2023)

Subscriptions to this training will auto renew at this FOUNDING MEMBERS price, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.


Our meetings will take place each Monday at 12 pm EST. 

The Successful Projector (1080 × 1080 px)_edited.jpg

We are ready to SEE you.  

HEAR you.  



beautiful and natural state

as a


Image by Divazus Fabric Store

Skylar Shay of Skylar Shay Wellness

Mickayla Pyke of Our Manifestation Journey

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